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LPE Projects is a leading landscape design and implementation company servicing

Cape Town and neighbouring areas.


About Us

LPE Projects is a leading landscape design and implementation company specialising in high-end, bespoke outdoor living space solutions for Cape Town and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

We oversee the entire landscaping process, from the initial design concept to professional installation, transforming outdoor spaces to meet (and exceed) our residential and corporate clients' unique needs.

We offer a full suite of turnkey services, including detailed design, project and cost management, installation, garden development, and maintenance.

Our Services


Garden Design

At LPE Projects, we believe that your garden is more than just an after-thought. Outdoor areas are an extension of your home and lifestyle, offering a space for reflection and connection. Gardens are dynamic spaces, ever-changing and evolving through the seasons. For a landscape to best serve its inhabitants, careful planning and design are required.


Landscape Installations

Once designs have been approved and costing agreed on, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and transform your outdoor area. We specialise in hard and soft landscaping, offering a one-stop-shop for all your landscape installation needs. We'll start with the hard landscaping (such as paving, ponds, pathways, decking, and pergolas)...



Beautiful gardens are an investment, and we'll ensure that your investment keeps growing. Utilising the latest smart technology, we install water-efficient irrigation systems that will perfect water management. These automated systems allow you to confidently water your garden without worrying about water wastage or damage to plants.


Lawn Care

Lush, green lawns don't have to be a distant dream when you work with our professional team. A lawn is more than a mere green expanse; it can be a place of pride, ideal of picnics, playtime, and gatherings of family and friends. We will customise a plan to suit your unique needs and prioritise the health of the
soil and turf. Popular services include...


Horticultural Consulting

With over 15 years of horticultural experience, we'll offer professional guidance to enhance any garden. We will spot diagnose issues, provide innovative advice on boosting plant health, propose intelligent plant selections for the particular environment and soil types, and tailor-make an action plan to get your garden back on track and blooming.

What Our Clients Say

WOW - You guys really gave us such good ideas for our garden, we would've never thought of this on our own!

- Micheal ( Plattekloof )

I am so thankful I met Dewet and his team, he has been an endless resource to us, always going the extra mile, and really made us feel as treasured clients!

Stacey ( Constantia )

No wonder we keep asking you guys back, you just keep delivering fantastic work.

Andre - ( Newlands )

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