garden design

Failing to plan, is planning to fail


Our Approach

At LPE Projects, we believe that your garden is more than just an after-thought. Outdoor areas are an extension of your home and lifestyle, offering a space for reflection and connection. Gardens are dynamic spaces, ever-changing and evolving through the seasons. For a landscape to best serve its inhabitants, careful planning and design are required.

Professional garden design allows you to create a tailor-made outdoor solution, facilitating sustainability and artistic appeal. Your garden can be your personal paradise, offering years of unparalleled joy and aesthetic charm. Whether you want an entire garden makeover, a bold feature bed, or the alteration of your existing space, we can do it all.

Our Design Process


Are you a keen gardener who wants to get your hands dirty and build a sophisticated edible garden, or do you prefer low-maintenance designs with little need for regular intervention? Our first introductory consultation lets us get a feel for your outdoor space and get to know you as a client. By understanding your individual needs, we can design and install a landscape that inspires.

During the first consultation, we explore the heart of your garden and determine how best to curate the outdoor space of your dreams. We'll analyse the area and take inventory of the climate, soil conditions, drainage, existing vegetation, and surrounding architecture.

Once we're clear on your vision and have in-depth knowledge about the site, we'll begin the design process, often collaborating with various stakeholders like architects, engineers and specialists, to ensure that cohesion is achieved.


Design Development

Now it's time to put pen to paper. During this step of the design process, we create both functional and conceptual design plans, resulting in the final landscape design. This process considers the aesthetic elements of the garden, practical requirements, specific materials, and horticultural selections. Custom hand-drawn art and 3D design software assist in communicating new designs to our clients. Combining practical landscaping knowledge with creativity will produce a highly functional and visually appealing garden space.


Costing & Construction

Next up, we'll crunch the numbers and offer a costing estimate for both hard and soft landscaping solutions. Here we consider plants, materials, labour, and other features such as pergolas, ponds, irrigation systems, and paving. Once you have approved the quote, installation begins.

Design your dream garden today!